Jessica Yo
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*punches through the monitor* [hacker voice] im in


whyd you leave the keys upon the mable

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First look of Popeye/ CG animation test 

The animation starts at 2:00. The opening is pretty interesting to listen to as well.

The movements. Sooooo cartoony!! Whoever rigged those characters knows magic or something.

Well that blew away MY expectations… wonderful stuff! Now I REALLY can’t wait for the movie!

there’s nobody else who could pull this off but sony animation tho

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This is being aware that the media you create helps shape the minds of many viewers and society as a whole. Especially the very impressionable minds of young ones.

God bless Sesame Street.

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a familiar face 

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  • when i'm attracted to a guy character: you stupid nerd i love u i wanna kiss u
  • when i'm attracted to a girl character: oh my god you beautiful queen you are untouchable pls step on me
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